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Bring essential entry visa (entry visas are not issued at border except for duly justified cases and in some border crossings with consular services). Rates are higher than the consulate.
Border (entry by air, road or rail): only some border stations specified below have consular services:
- Chisinau International Airport;
- Border crossing with Romania: Leusen, Sculeni and Cahul;
- No border crossing with Ukraine does not have consular services.
Resource control before entering the territory of Moldova: September 1, 2001, the Moldovan authorities require foreign nationals wishing to stay in Moldova presentation, cash, a minimum of the equivalent of U.S. $ 250 or a minimum of USD 50 per day.
For Moldova, in addition to the passport, you will need to bring a photo. A waiting period of7 days is necessary. In case of emergency, the visa can be issued in one day with a surcharge of 50%.
Tourist visa type
Single entry 1 month 50 USD
Single input 2 months 80 USD
Single entry 3 months 110 USD
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