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 Since 1 January 2007, nationals of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Japan, may enter the Republic of Moldova without a visa.

French nationals transiting or residing in Moldova must hold a valid passport.
The validity of the passport must be more than 6 months from the date of entry into the territory of Moldova.
The period of stay may not exceed 90 days per semester.
In case of exceeding the maximum duration of authorized stay, a fine is imposed on the traveler and inadmissibility of 3 years shall be served.
The date on Moldovan territory to be evidenced by a stamp placed in the passport when crossing the border. For visitors arriving by air, this step is carried out by border guards at the airport in Chisinau. When you arrive by car, make sure to spend only by border officials who are the only ones allowed to perform this step.
Caution: The input Transnistria does not give rise to the application of such a buffer, forcing the traveler to have, upon arrival, to regularize his situation with the migration office in Chisinau.
Since 1 September 2001, the Moldovan authorities require foreign nationals wishing to stay in the Republic of Moldova presentation, cash, a minimum of U.S. $ 250 (or equivalent in a convertible currency). Credit cards are not considered proof of resources. Non-submission of this amount may result in denial of entry into the territory of Moldova.

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